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Kullamannen Trail consists of many trail runs from 12,8 km to over 161 km on the wild and beautiful Kullaberg situated on the south of Sweden by the sea. Kullamannen is more than just a trail run. The adventurous courses runs through narrow winding mountain trails with fabulous view points overlooking sea and land, steep drops and beautiful beech forests. 

Kullamannen is for everyone!
Its for the elite runner who wants to put his powers and capacity to the test who wants to feel the lactic acid boiling in their legs. It for the "jogger" who wants to experience maybe the most beautiful trail running to be found in Sweden. Run far, or a little shorter.


In 2015 we developed an adventure map highlighting the tracks and all places of interest in the area. Order it here >

Kullamannen – Black Course 12,8 km 
Trailrunning has never been more fun. An amazing course delivering highlights from what Kullaberg has to offer.
The 4th of November 2017

Kullamannen Ultra +100 miles
"Sea, Heaven & Hell"
The 3rd to 4th of November 2017 

The Death Zone +24 km
Steep and technical trail. Get the most out of the area.
The 4th of November 2017


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