Scotland The Brave Trail Camp

SCOTLAND THE BRAVE – Braes of Balquidder

The home of the Kullamen is Scotland. This is where it all began many years ago. We have talked about setting up a camp here many times, but something always seems to come in the way. Now when LAMM (Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon) was cancelled the door was suddenly open. We presented the trip on Facebook and suddenly we hade eight brave men and women that wanted to join for the ride.

Departure flight: Friday 25th of August (from Copenhagen)

Return flight: Monday 28th of August

Night 1 – Monachle Mhor
The luxury Monochle Mhor by a loch near the foot of Creag nan Speireag. After one year waiting in line we finally got our hands on a couple of bunks(!)

Night 2 – Luib Hotel
The genuine Luib Hotel (This is Scotland)

Night 3 – Callander
Once again, this is no camp for rookies, you need to feel comfortable running on trail- and trackless "Moorland" with high grass, stones, peat and mud. You can't either be too stunned by these magnificent places mother nature has created. Or for that matter being able to eat wonderful meals in the evenings.

Studded shoes with good grip is what you need if you don't want to share grave with Rob Roy himself.

For those with tired legs – Sunday we are planning a visit to a gin- and/or whiskey distillery.

St Angus came to this area in the 900 century. An area considered by the celts to be a "thin place" that is where the distance between heaven and earth is the thinnest.

The adventure begins at the grave of Rob Roy MacGregors, the outlaw in the Highlands who swore on his life to take back the land that was stolen by the Duke of Montrose. Since 1734 he rests on, the nowadays deserted, cemetery of Balquidder. The church ruin with Tom nan Angeae – the mountain of fire – in the background, creates a mighty view. It will be running from "Pub to Pub" the Kullamannen way along the mountains and the slopes where Rob Roy once ran in the 1700 century.

You need to be a good runner with experience from running in trackless nature. We spend three days in the mountains.

Down payment on registration and full payments no sooner than the 30th of june 2017.

Price including flight from Copenhagen and three nights 6650 SEK/person.


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