Ladonia Memorial – vågar du utmana draken?


On the fourth year anniversary of its death, the Dragon from the land of Ladonia has come back to life to once more express its strength and harshness to make sure the people will never ever forget. It bellows and howls, just as in the old days, psyching its combatants.

Ladonia mountain memorial kullamannen

Welcome to a race you rarely get the chance to experience. Ladonia Mountain Trophy is one of the smallest, most mythical races that has taken place in Sweden. It will take you to most beautiful and brutal places on the mountain. The deepest caves, the steepest cliffs and the places where man haven't set foot in years.

On the Ladonia Mountain Trophy memorial stone it says; Many were called, few survived the feat. On Friday the 21st of July at 20.00 hrs you will now where you stand. If you dare to sign up of course. If you do – follow this link to sign up >

Are you already hesitating whether you should sign up or not – don't. There is a lot of other races out there more suited for the common people. But no race is like Ladonia Memorial. Everyone on the starting line are soul searchers, people who wants to try out their physical and mental limits, by that they are already winners in the journey of life. A life that is too short to experience everything that is beautiful and adventure.


A shot arrow or a lost opportunity will never come back.

  • The prices are few, but the honor lives forever.
  • No music, no speaker. The nightingale and the peregrine is our tune.
  • The rules are few but wise.
  • No streamers. Map and compass guides you along the course. The orienteering is not hard. Are you able to follow paths you'll come a long way.
  • You'll be introduced to the Death zone. 
  • To most extent you have to carry your own water and food.
  • Likt kackerlackan måste du kunna simma, flyga, krypa, springa och ha en genetisk överlevnadsinstinkt utöver det vanliga. Like the cockroach you have to be able to swim, fly, crawl, run and be fitted with an extraordinary survival instinct. 
  • You can not be afraid of the dark.

Welcome to a magical weekend with the like-minded. A story is never as great to tell as after a tough day on the mountain. 


Memorial Results from earlier Ladonia Memorial races

Download Ladonia resultat from 2013 v.1 (PDF) here >
Resultats from 2015 you will find here >
Lovely images from Ladonia Memorial 2013 on >

More about the Republic of Ladonia
Ladonia is micronation on the way to become a state. The nations values rests upon freedom of speech and creativity. Art is a vital building stone in the nation's constitution.

Read more about Ladonia here >

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